Financial Inclusion Services

Financial Inclusion Consulting

3C focuses on assisting Financial Service Providers (FSPs) make their operations more professional, increase their skills, and offer better financial and non-financial services in order to meet the needs and wants of business owners in markets with such requirements. We believe that greater financial service access is only a component of the solution. We are driven by the goal that greater access to professional services and the right financial services are the best ways to help entrepreneurs reach their full capability, create employment, and promote economic growth that benefits everyone., particularly so, inclusive.

We provide assistance to financial service providers (FSPs) and other stakeholders involved in inclusive finance in defining their corporate strategy perspectives, modifying their financial products, or, more typically, recognizing the types of technical guidance they require so that they can better serve the requirements of business owners.

We collaborate with investment firms, development finance institutions (DFIs), donor agencies, and regulators, and we support the development of alternative or complementary solutions to facilitate access to financial services. This can be achieved through technical assistance, market studies, the conceptualization or the implementation of specific projects, or the formation of public income and/or secure funds.

As a result of our efforts, we are able to assist in making a wide variety of responsible and cost-effective financial services available to business owners. For more