Tech Financial Advisory Services

Tech Financial Advisory

A market leader in the field of technology advising, 3Consulting is a firm with a primary focus on assisting business owners situated in Africa to sell their firms or obtain capital. We are able to accomplish this by combining our local execution expertise with a worldwide deal-making ability by establishing contacts with venture capital companies, private equity funds, and strategic purchasers. We have arranged merger and acquisition deals and helped raise capital for some of the most successful innovation and developed technology companies across a multitude of sectors.

Our primary focus is providing advice on mergers and acquisitions transactions while also determining the optimal process to orchestrate for each transaction. This can range from a more private exercise with restricted release of information to an open sale bidding process.

Irrespective of the process, we are engaged even before the start and continue until the end of the entire transaction, actively monitoring all of the phases of the entire transaction in order to optimize the pricing for the equity investors. During this time, we stay in close communication with the client throughout the entire process.

We are involved in advisory roles for growth equity investors, financing transactions, and downstream business deals. Interactions and collaborations in some investments have provided us with insights into the development of a variety of funds and their investing ethos.

In addition, we offer consulting services to private equity firms and strategic purchasers with whom we have established more close connections as a result of previous transactions. Our experience extends across a wide range of technology-related business sectors. and we have already established a presence in a number of different geographic regions by way of profitable business partnerships and transactions in the past.